Greek Dinners

Includes toasted pita bread and your choice of Soup, Greek salad or Coleslaw.

Plus your choice of French fries, Baked potato, Greek potatoes, Steamed vegetables or Rice.  (Double Salad $1.  Vegetables served after 5pm.)

Gyros Platter
Served with onions, tomato & homemade Tzatziki sauce.
Chicken Gyros Platter
Served with lettuce, tomato & our honey mustard sauce.
Souvlaki Platter
Two marinated skewers (pork or chicken)
Served with onions, tomatoes & homemade Tzatziki sauce.
(Please allow 10-15 mins).
Gyros & Souvlaki Combo
Choice of traditional Gyros or Chicken Gyros with a skewer of pork or chicken Souvlaki. (Please allow 10-15 mins).
Prices subject to change without notice